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    Ah, that little bundle that was so tiny is now crawling just days away from walking.  Every time they pull themselves up to the table or couch and start walking you are waiting for that moment they let go and walk towards you with that big grin on that cute little face.  One of the biggest accomplishments during those first years is baby’s first steps.  That big milestone will forever be embedded in your memory.  And you will revisit that moment each and every time your child reaches another milestone.

    So they will be walking soon, and have mastered the art of pulling; pretty clever, pretty smart and pretty dangerous if you have not prepared and childproofed your home.  By now you have secured the electrical outlets; that was done months ago.  The drawer and cabinet locks now seem like they existed forever.  And when is the last time you were able to go up or down the stairs without feeling like you were escaping a high security area with safety gates in place?  What about your televisions and furniture?  Are they secure?  Think about it; your baby has now mastered pulling and walking.  After walking comes running, and pulling is most likely followed by climbing.

    Flat screen televisions are light weight compared to the older box models.  But they still pose a serious threat of injury to children.  Your little explorer is not equipped to think of the dangers if they decide to climb on the piece of furniture where your television is placed.  They may be reaching for what they see on the screen or accidently bump into it while playing and exploring.  That television can fall with the force of a thousand pounds causing serious head and internal injuries which can be fatal.  Dressers and large pieces of furniture, especially those with drawers on the bottom pose a serious risk as children can easily open the drawers to use as steps to reach items on top of the dresser or on higher shelves.  The open drawers and weight of a child stepping on them make the furniture unstable increasing the chance of it tipping over.   Toddlers and small children are no match for the weight and force of a large piece of furniture tipping over which can result in serious injuries that are sometimes fatal.  In the US alone, someone is injured every 15 minutes from a tipping piece of furniture.

    Did you know that every 23 minutes a child is treated at an emergency room for injuries sustained from tipping televisions and furniture; some injuries are fatal bringing devastation to a family.  According to Health Canada, more than 70% of injuries caused by tipping televisions and furniture happened to children between 1 and 3 years of age. In the US, on average, a child dies every 2 weeks when a television or piece of furniture falls on them.

    These are horrifying statistics and can be prevented with a little knowledge and taking a few moments to secure televisions and furniture.  There is never a substitute for supervising your children, but we both know how quick toddlers can get into mischief.

    All televisions in your home should be secured.  The KidCo Anti-Tip TV Straps installs quickly.  Each package contains two straps and an assortment of screws to fit most televisions.  With one end of the strap secured to the television, the other can be mounted to the wall or secured to the back of the furniture piece that houses your television.  Available for approximately $13.99 CAD.  Inexpensive and simple to install.

    When it comes to furniture, it is strongly recommended not only securing your child’s dresser and larger heavier pieces in your home, but dressers in all bedrooms.  Remember, your toddler has no boundaries when it comes to quickly exploring around the house; adventure is now their middle name.  The KidCo Anti-Tip Furniture Straps install quickly and include installation hardware.  There are two straps per package which is recommended for heavier pieces.  Available for approximately $7.99 CAD.  These products can truly be a life saver.

    Any home where your child will be spending a lot of time should be evaluated and childproofed.  Learning to be a parent while being a parent is a monumental responsibility to say the least.  You love them, teach them right from wrong, and sit back and watch their little personalities develop bringing unending joy to your heart.   So take a few moments and ensure their safety.

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