SwingPod™:  Like most great inventions, the SwingPod™ was born out of necessity.  Desperate for a way to calm his fussy baby, a father came up with an idea to combine swaddling and swinging to calm his baby.  Rave reviews from friends and family prompted him to team up with KidCo® to bring it to the market in hopes of helping parents all over the world.  Soft material in this patented design gently lulls infants to sleep and calms colicky babies.  Easily packs for travel.  Available in a soft gray chevron pattern.

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Product Description

  • Calms colicky babies
  • Lulls baby to sleep
  • Combines swaddling and swinging
  • Soft gray chevron pattern

The KidCo SwingPod is a portable, packable swaddle swing. It combines the calming benefits of both a baby swing and a baby swaddle which is why it works so well as a colic cure. The SwingPod was invented by a new father to a baby that had colic. Desperate for a way to calm his fussy baby he came up with idea to combine a baby swing and baby swaddle blanket. The result is the SwingPod, formerly known as the Swaddle Swing. The merging of a baby swing and baby swaddle in one product worked so well that he knew he had to get it out other parents. The SwingPod has help thousands of parents with their babies that have colic. It is the only baby swing for infants that acts as a swaddle blanket and a portable baby changing pad. Swaddle up your baby with the swaddle strap and hit the road. No longer do you have to be afraid to leave you house with a fussy baby. It is the best portable baby swing available so you can go to a restaurant without fear. The SwingPod is also a great travel baby swing. Easily packs into any diaper bag or backpack so you use it at an airport, on the plane, and then at grandma’s house. The SwingPod has multiple patents that ensure your baby is safe and secure. The swaddle strap keeps your infant securely swaddled while you use the best baby swing for infants. If you buy this as a baby shower present the new parents will love you for it.   It provides instant colic relief and works way better than colic drops. Best way to give your baby a colic cure. The KidCo SwingPod is the best baby swing/baby swaddle combo you can buy.


  • The KidCo Swingpod portable Baby Swing is the only baby swing and baby swaddle that is portable and packable. It is a great travel baby swing and also functions as a portable baby changing pad. The best baby swing for infants. The Swingpod can take the place of many baby swings and bouncers. It is a baby swaddle and baby swing portable. Proven to be the best colic cure for baby colic.
  • Thousands of new parents swear by it.  A great swaddle blanket and swaddle sack combined with the functionality of a baby swing will make your baby the happiest baby on the block. Swaddle Up your baby in the Swingpod. The Swingpod swaddle pod is the new and improved Swaddle Swing.
  • Traveling with a baby. The Swingpod is the most portable baby swing on the market. Do not go on a trip without your travel baby swing. Travel baby swings for infants will get you a happy baby.
  • Instant colic relief. The Swingpod is the best baby swing and baby swaddle for colic ease. The combination of a baby swing for infants works better than any colic drops. If your baby has baby colic, colic calm the Swingpod will work.
  • Be the star of the baby shower with the infant swing Swingpod. It is an infant swing outdoor baby swing outdoor. Your search for baby shower presents is over when you buy the Swingpod baby swing and baby swaddle. Gender neutral color, great baby swing girl, travel baby swing girl or boy. The Swingpod baby swing, baby swaddle, swaddle blanket provides unmatched colic relief making your baby the happiest baby on the block.

laura h - Apr 03,2017

Swinging is calming

Rocking, swaying, swinging - babies love motion, and it's so calming for them. So instead of swinging them in their heavy, clunky car seat, swing them in this light SwingPod, which swaddles them in for extra comfort.

Ashk85 - Apr 03,2017

A great new invention!!!

Ok so we love our swing pod! My baby girl cries all day it seems and she is calmed down right away by her swing pod. I am able to swing her for a few mins and get her down for nap time. Also with a toddler at home and a two story house I love that I can take this upstairs with my swing downstairs! That way I have an option when she's fussy upstairs to calm her down. This will be great for on the go! Taking on a trip especially if you have a fussy baby! Also for anyone's house who can't fit or doesn't want a swing or even grandma or babysitters houses who don't have one at all but need a calming option. So many possibilities. She's safe and secure and she's easy to swing what a great invention!!!

Ryan - Apr 03,2017

Great Product for Soothing!

The Swingpod has been so effective in calming our fussy and irritable newborn. Much like a car seat, the rocking motion of the Swingpod seems to quickly sooth our son. Most important, it is incredibly easy to use and convenient to store. It has certainly come in handy when trying to sooth my newborn out of the reach of my toddler. A great, great product!

Jwrobinson - Apr 03,2017

Fussy baby eliminator!!!

Gave this to a friend whose baby has a tendency to fuss a lot. Literally 3 swings in she was not only comfortable and quiet, but her eyes were already getting tired. A few minutes later and she was out like a light. Couldn't say enough good things about how amazing the Swingpod is!

Nannilee - Apr 03,2017

The KidCo SwingPod is a lifesaver!

The KidCo SwingPod is a lifesaver! My baby likes to be swaddled and rocked and this product does both. With other products like the car seat, swing etc., once baby is asleep I have to disturb her by removing her from the item. With the KidCo SwingPod I can just lay her down and undo the straps.

anonymous - Apr 03,2017


The SwingPod is perfect for calming a fussy baby. It's portable and convenient. I give it 5 stars!

mommaduke2 - Apr 03,2017

Lull them to sleep

Great product and design. The rhythm of your manual swing and the swaddle wrap keeps baby comfortable and secure and calms them for a good night's sleep.