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The KidCo® HuggaPod™ wraps 360 degrees around baby to provide comfort and support in exercisers, jumpers, high chairs, park bucket swings and more.   The HuggaPod™ features a pillow cushion for extra head support, secure fastening straps and an adjustable design to grow with baby.  The HuggaPod™ is machine washable.  Available in Gray.

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  • Pillow cushion for baby’s head
  • Adjustable design grows with baby
  • Secure fastening straps
  • Machine washable

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laura h - Apr 03,2017

Multi-purpose HuggaPod

This multi-purpose HuggaPod is great for those babies that seem to sink in their high chairs, GoPods, swings, etc. The HuggaPod completely surrounds them and offers additional support to keep them upright.

anonymous - Apr 03,2017

Great for little ones

This product is perfect for little ones who need a bit more support while seated in jumpers and high chairs. It's definitely a useful item to have!

meghanb - Apr 03,2017

Brilliant, why didn't I think of this

I received this a few weeks ago. I was not sure what to think at first, but as soon as I opened the package and placed my baby inside I realized it was pure genius. Now my bobble-head baby can safely use products that are a wee bit too big for him. He can use his sisters old playcenter and the clip on high chair without bonking his head. This is a great product for those babies that are small but are eagerly looking for new ways to keep busy. I love that I can now place him in the activity centre for a few minutes and know that he is safe.

mommaduke2 - Apr 03,2017

Baby knows she is comforable

Not only is baby comfortable and secure - but the look on their faces tells you this is a MUST HAVE product. They know they are secure to enjoy their exersaucer or a swing at the park. Genius! Thank you KidCo

Nannilee - Apr 03,2017

Keeps my grandchild safe and snug!

The HuggaPod is the best! It keeps my grandchild safe and snug. We use the HuggaPod at home and at the park. She sits up taller and does not fall over in the swing, high chair and exerciser. You can tell that she enjoys her activities more and this makes both of us happy!

kguzzo - Apr 03,2017

A Perfect Fit

My son is developmentally delayed and this product has been a God sent in helping him practice his head control.