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This portable light weight 7 pound activity seat for baby is designed to fold and go! The attached floor pad keeps baby’s feet on a clean surface whether at the camp fire, on a picnic or watching the big kids play sports. Four adjustable heights to grown with your baby. We even included a snack and drink holder! Five nylon loops allow you to attach baby’s favorite toys. At home, or on-the-go, your baby will be one happy camper! Includes storage/carry bag!

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Age range: approximately 4 months to walking
Product Weight: 7 lbs.
Folded Dimensions: 6.5”W x 6.5”L x 29.5”H
Open Dimensions: 24”W x 24”L x 19.5”H (at its lowest seat level)

100% Polyester fabric
Fabric is UV protected and fire retardant
Free of lead and phthalates
PVC is only present in the plastic rings on the drink and snack holders, but passes ASTM tests for safe levels

This product passes all required ASTM and Federal standards.

Tia F - Apr 03,2017

Fun in the sun

Bought to use outside while we're enjoying dinner in the evening. What a great product for Amy as she loves bouncing in the seat and enjoying her own snacks.

TopDaddies - Apr 03,2017

We Used The GoPod A Lot!

We've had the opportunity to use and review the GoPod in both Cardinal and Pistachio colours. It's a fantastic product that is very convenient especially while travelling. During our summer road trips, it was great to be able to have a clean place for baby to sit and play. We used it while camping, at the airport, hotels, beach, picnics, at grandma's house, and more. Check out our full video review below! (Disclosure: Although we received product to review, TopDaddies was not financially compensated for these reviews)

Parent - Apr 03,2017

Great Product

Bought this for a 5 month old who is on the cusp of sitting up and has great head control, with the hope that it would - in a parent-hands-free manner - allow him to see what's going on and have a clean place to play at the beach, in the yard, on the patio, etc (vs being in a rocker or something). He seems to love it. Lightweight, quality product, good features. Very happy.

Keith - Apr 03,2017

Great Product

My son, Wil, loves this thing. He's got his own place to sit and enjoys bouncing around in it. Great product.

Terayns - Apr 03,2017

Great seat!

Has been a favourite play place and superb waiting place for this gentleman at a wedding reception!

Caddy Lac - Apr 03,2017

We use this EVERYWHERE!

We own the Pistachio color and it comes in handy all the time. We take this everywhere we go, outside, on the boat, sporting games, you name it. Highly recommend!

TheMommaWhisperer - Apr 03,2017

Best Travel Product We've Tried!

We are a family on the go. Always. On. The. Go. Seriously, Baby Eliza has been to 7 states and on 11 planes in 8 months. So, when I come across a product that makes our travels a little easier, I'm obviously interested. Tell me that this product is light-weight, folds up small, and will contain my little tornado of an 8-month-old, and I'm sold! I love how versatile it is. I just leave my GoPod in my trunk for when I need a place to put the baby (strange old ladies always seem more than willing to hold her, but, ick, you just never know where those hands have been). It is SO LIGHT and easy to tote around. Whether you are running errands, visiting family, or flying across the country, having a totally mobile baby seat is just dang convenient. Eliza's not usually thrilled with being anywhere other than strapped to me in a carrier or in my arms, but I can get my hair cut, back adjusted, makeup on (who am I kidding, there's no time for makeup anymore...), or clean up the disaster our new lab puppy has made in the backyard without having to schlep her around under my arm. When camping season starts back up and when Parker starts karate lessons and baseball practices, I know the GoPod will be even more of a lifesaver. Favorite Features: Easy to wipe clean Cup/snack holders Very light Folds up compact Adjustable seat height Baby can practice standing without falling Floor to catch toys and snacks and keep little feet clean I blog at www.themommawhisperer.com and have tried a TON of baby products (especially travel products), and I cannot say enough how much we LOVE the GoPod!

ashley10 - Apr 03,2017

We love our GoPod!

We are always on the go and spend multiple days a week at the ballpark so it is nice for baby to have a clean place to play!

Bb70 - Apr 03,2017

Great for travel

I bought this for my granddaughter's first baby. Not used yet, but she said she loves it! Will give her freedom to get things done and keep baby safe. Plan to buy the one for outdoor use later. Review based on her opinion.