SwingPod™ Travel Swaddle Swing

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Like most great inventions, the KidCo SwingPod™ portable on-the-go or nursery swaddle was born out of necessity.  Desperate for a way to calm his fussy baby, a father came up with an idea to combine swaddling and gentle human motion to calm his baby.  The SwingPod™ is the only baby swing and baby swaddle that is portable and packable, perfect for taking on those trips to grandma and grandpa’s house.

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  • Calms colicky babies
  • Lulls baby to sleep
  • Combines swaddling and swinging
  • Soft gray chevron pattern
  1. Jessica Huffman

    I was a little apprehensive at first, but our three week old loves this thing! It’s saved us so much space. We don’t really need a swing or a bouncer and you don’t have all these crazy buckles when your baby needs a snuggle. You do always have one arm busy. But… It can also be a an arm workout. Wish we’d used it for the first two as well! This is too simple!

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