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Buggyguard Stroller Locks


Anti-theft device for convenient security while at the park, home, or traveling. New technology aircraft grade stainless steel cable offers great strength with a vinyl coating to prevent scratching your buggy. Long cable of four and a half feet allows for it to be looped through one or even two wheels locking your buggy to itself or loop it again around a stationary object. Four digit re-settable combination dial (Three digit on Monkey model) is perfect so you don’t have to worry about losing any keys. Push button retraction provides easy coiling. A universal attachment fits all strollers and keeps the lock tucked out of the way until you’re ready to use.

The Stroller Locks are available in Monkey, Black, or Heart.

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BuggyGuard Stroller Lock Quick Overview

BuggyGuard Stroller Lock Full Overview

Anti Theft Cable Lock: Keep your items safe & secure when you travel. The Buggyguard combination cable lock allows you to declutter your keychain with keyless entry – easy on you, tough on thieves.
Combination Locks for Bikes & Strollers: Buggyguard is a lightweight, portable locking protection system. Our four-digit resettable dial allows you to set new personalized codes as needed.
Steel Cable Lock: Our technology is not just wire, but 24mm aircraft-grade stainless steel- the strongest retractable locking wire cable cord available. The vinyl coating protects against scratching.
Thin Multi-Purpose Bike Lock: We are built for strollers, but work well on other types of gear. Use Buggyguard to secure adult & kid bikes, attach stroller wheels together, or hold luggage together.
Small Combo Wire Locks: Our universal lock is small, convenient, and portable, and doesn’t interfere with the ability to collapse the stroller. Our retractable cable can be extended as needed.

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