Custom Fit Auto Close HearthGate (G3100)


This one-of-a-kind gate system fits a standard 6’ hearth and most BBQ grills providing protection from the hot surfaces and flames of in-use fireplaces, accessing gas starter keys, sharp edges, hard corners and dirty logs. The extra wide door section can be placed anywhere in the layout giving you access where needed.  Magnet lock technology draws door to the closed position and locks automatically.  Each section is hinged with a rotating joint to allow for custom set up.  Quick release hardware allows for easy removal when needed.  Optional extensions are available in 9” and 24” sections allowing for a custom fit.  The system can be connected to use around wood burning stoves or to create a freestanding play area. (We recommend at least 2 additional sections for free standing play area).

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Custom Fit HearthGate Features

Custom Fit Assembly and Installation

  • Provides maximum safety for use around BBQ grills and fireplaces of any shape or size
  • Unique handle design applies Magnet-Lock Technology, a dual magnet design that automatically draws the door closed and guarantees it locks each and every time!
  • Hold Open Feature secures the door in an open position and suspends the auto-close function; allowing free traffic flow until it is pushed closed
  • Two way door
  • Joints easily rotate and lock for secure attachment
  • Quick release, adjustable wall mount hardware
  • 30” door section can be placed anywhere within the layout
  • 23” extra wide door opening
  • HearthGate can be connected to use as a freestanding play area, with the addition of optional extensions
  • Basic gate fits 132″

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Daddy - Apr 03,2017

Problem Solved

Just installed this gate and it not only keeps the kids away from the hot fireplace, but protects them from the sharp edges of the hearth. Brilliant idea.

TopDaddies - Apr 03,2017

Great for Irregular Shaped Areas!

We had the opportunity to use and review the KidCo Hearthgate and really like it a lot, especially with the extensions that allow you to convert it to a freestanding play area. It's easy to install and adjust to fit a variety of spaces. Check out full video review below! (Disclosure: Although we received product for review, TopDaddies was not financially compensated for these reviews)

Magnum - Apr 03,2017

exactly what we needed!

We have a large opening we needed to enclose to keep our dog from wandering the house. The Kidco hearth gate does the job. It looks great and is exactly as advertised. The actual overall length is slightly more than 11 feet and it was easy to adjust to our dimensions. Easy to assemble and install too,

rsw774 - Apr 03,2017

Hearth Gate is awesome!

I was introduced to Kidco with the purchase of their Hearth Gate. This gate was exactly what we needed to protect our little one from the brick on our hearth. It was easy to install and very sturdy.

Wcheer675 - Apr 03,2017

The only gates I use

I have three of these up in our house. I have a lot of wide entries and these were great to make fit. I also like how you could adjust the pieces that attach to the walls. We didn't want to drill in our baseboards so this alleviated that problem. My old recommendation is that if you have wood floors, get pads to but on the bottom of the four circles that touch the floor. It's easy to do and keeps it from scratching the floor.

Keith - Apr 03,2017

Safe Product

Keeps our daughter away from the fire and dirty ashes from our fireplace. Also saved us from buying a separate bumper for the brick hearth. Perfect solution and reasonably priced for the quality.

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