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S840 Noggin Nanny-Sky


The KidCo Noggin Nanny is designed for toddlers learning to walk to help protect them from bumps, bruises and falls from their own height when they are unsteady on their feet.

Constructed of soft and flexible foam, vented for proper air flow and comfort and adjustable to fit babies and toddlers 6 months to 2 years, the Noggin Nanny gives your little one the confidence they need and the freedom they deserve to explore their newly discovered surroundings without the fear of them injuring their head.

This smart parenting move eliminates the need for caging your unsteady toddler in a play pen or a crib all day thus allowing them to learn independently but not necessarily hurting their head while doing so. The ideal solution for active babies just learning to walk!

Protects your little one during the most crucial years. Strategic padding placement for the soft spots and the back of the head.

Soft, non-bulky & flexible. Superior ventilation features, retains limited body heat.

Gives babies the confidence they need and gives parents and your baby the freedom deserved.

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• Protects babies & toddlers from minor falls
• Foam cushion provides complete head support
• Soft, pressure relief design grows with child
• Breathable vented fabric keeps children comfortable
• Age Range: 6 months – 24 months


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