Adhesive Toilet Lock


Keep curious little ones safe with the Adhesive Toilet Lock by KidCo.  Instantly installs.  Disengage feature for those times when locking is not needed.

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  • Keeps curious toddlers safe
  • Fits flat-top toilet lids
  • Easy to clean, out-of-the-way placement
  • Automatically resets when lid is lowered
  • Can be temporarily disengaged
  • Color: White

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Mommaduke - Apr 03,2017

A life saver!

This was so so easy to install. Adhesive mount and it sticks! Not only can the little ones no longer open the lid but I do not have to worry about the dog getting in the bowl.

mommaduke5 - Apr 03,2017

So easy to install -

The little one's love nothing more than opening the toilet lid and looking in. The danger of falling in not to mention the germs! So glad KidCo came up with a lock that installs so simple. There is also a button to prevent it from locking for when friends are over and the kids are long to bed. Love it!

mommaduke2 - Apr 03,2017

Keeps the Little Ones Out of the Toilet

Installs instantly and did the trick! The biggest concern is little ones falling into the toilet - being top heavy this can be a very dangerous situation. Secondly, dropping toys into the bowl will surely prompt a call to the plumber! The disengage button is perfect when company is over and there is no concern of the little ones getting into the toilet.

Caddy Lac - Apr 03,2017

Great priced item

We purchased this because it had a disengage feature, was adhesive mounted, and very affordable...glad we did, it works great

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