Small Object Tester


The KidCo® Small Object Tester helps to protect children from choking hazards. Parents can place the item they are questioning if it poses a choking hazard to their child into the small parts tester. If the lid is able to fully close then it is considered a small part and could pose a choking hazard.

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Sarah J. - Feb 27,2018

Useful, easy to use and a great product

Once I received the small objects tester, I immediately put it to good use. There are several small items that are a choking hazard to our babies. This particular small objects tester is very easy to use and quick. Simply Swivel the lid open, drop an item/object into the container and swivel it shut. If it closes, it's considered a choking hazard if not it is safe for baby to put in his/her mouth as far as choking wise. Obviously common sense is to be used, but this product helps if you aren't sure. Overall a great product. I would buy it.

Company Name Sarah
Airforce65 - Feb 16,2018

Superior products

Small objects Tester is a superior line of high quality products that's very effective for the safety of your children to prevent chocking hazzards