Foam Corner Protectors


Sharp corners have always been a problem for little kids running around. KidCo SecureStick Foam Corner Protector covers are stylish little corner protectors that cover these edges. Designed to fit most standard table corners, they are functional and easy to use. They are adhesive, mountable and stays in place.
Why You'll Love It: KidCo SecureStick Foam Corner Protector is simple to attach and provides soft, cushiony protection for hard, sharp edges, so you don't need to worry about little ones running around anymore!

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  • Part of the SecureStick line of adhesive mount line of home safety products
  • Soft, cushiony protection for hard, sharp corners
  • Now in three great colors: Gray (S375), Brown (S378) and Black (S381)
  • 4 pack

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nanilee - Apr 03,2017

Corners Conquered!

KidCo Corner Protectors are perfect for sharp corners on my coffee tables. The battle of watching my children’s every move has lessened thanks to this product. Corners Conquered! Now on to the next battle. I’m sure KidCo can help with all my baby proofing needs.

Caddy Lac - Apr 03,2017


I was looking for brown colors and these were the best price

EmyD - Apr 03,2017

Secure Stick is so easy to install and remove

I LOVE all the KidCo products with Secure Stick, but especially the furniture foam. I was able to install it myself (no husband or tools required) and when it came time to remove it came right off. Any residue left easily came off with a little "Goo Gone". Thanks for another great product KidCo!

a mom - Apr 03,2017

What a life saver!

Installed so quickly - and the extra cushiony thickness was by far better than other brands I looked at. Knowing the high quality of KidCo's other products I knew this was the perfect product for our home

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