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The KidCo Door Lever Lock is a unique product designed to keep kids of a specific rooms in your home.  The patented design makes it the only lock that allows entry from the other side of doors.  Fits most lever lock styles.

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  • The only lever handle lock that allows entry from other side of door!
  • No need to remove door handles
  • Installs on right or left-handed handles
  • Available in white or clear
                • secure stick sign

How do you remove item?

To remove Secure Stick product, use warm soap water to soften the adhesive. Gently lift item, rocking slightly to loosen. Reapply warm soapy water as you go, until item is released. To avoid damage – Do not pull. (You can also use a hair dryer to soften adhesive) Any residual adhesive can be removed using an adhesive removal product. As with any adhesive or adhesive remover it is best to test in an inconspicuous place before use.

Helpful tip from consumer:

“Just to let you know – if you drip dish detergent into the seam of the lock and then work it through with dental floss (as if you were flossing your teeth) they come off in a minute!” Pat

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Heather - May 19,2018

Great product!

This is the most versatile, functional door lock I could find for lever style handles. It fits on right or left side handles and automatically latches shut again every time you close the door. It also allows the door to actually operate from both sides, unlike some other options I've tried. It has an optional cap for the lock, so you can leave it covered or not. I left the cap off when I installed it on the bathroom door, so I can still unlock it from the outside with a screwdriver if my daughter ever locks herself in. You can install with adhesive or screws, and I find the adhesive does the job just fine. Takes 5-10 minutes to install, and is reasonably easy for an adult to operate (though you might need two hands, depending where it's located), while successfully keeping my 1 year old out of rooms I don't want her in. I have a clear one and a couple of white ones in my house, and I find the white ones nicer. They are too bulky to really allow you to see the handle through them anyway, and somehow the clear just looks cheaper to me despite being exactly the same as the white ones.