Child’s Medical Data Carrier


The KidCo® Child’s Medical Data Carrier® allows critical medical information to be available to first responders in case of an accident. In case of emergency, lifesaving information about the child is easily identifiable on this reflective sign.

Please see video regarding our interactive, life-saving companion app for your smartphone. In an emergency get directions to hospitals, quickly find first aid treatments, send SOS messages and have the whole family’s medical data available at a moment’s notice. Our products are recognized and supported by EMS around the world? Available on I tunes and Google Play.



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• Emergency information immediately available
• Reflective sign – visible day or night
• In an emergency, medical data carrier will provide lifesaving information about child
• French and English Identification

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Tommy - May 08,2018

Way Way Better than Baby on Board Signs

Wow I was so thrilled to see this product at my local kids shop. We bought signs for both cars and we have the app on our phones. We were on a road trip in an unfamiliar city and our child got a high fever. I started up the app and used it to get to the nearest hospital. Everything was fine but in a kind of rushed panicky situation it was good to have the app on the phone and we feel reassured with the signs and medical information on the car windows for EMS. Hopefully we never need to use them but there are a ton of distracted drivers out there..... Thanks KidCo for bringing this product to market! Tommy

13martap - Mar 06,2018

Good Product

This is a very good thing to have in all cars I love mine its easy to use and put up I am glad I have this and you have the option to put it in English as well as Spanish which I love cause in my family we are bilingual

Cari - Mar 03,2018

Genius Product!

I am loving this product! This is such a genius product, seriously so smart! So easy to do, just fill out the information and put it in the little pouch and put in on the window. So easy for emergency people to see and get information about a child. These need to be given out more! Such a great idea. I have already recommended it to friends and family and they are loving it and wanting to buy it!

Angie - Feb 28,2018

Fantastic idea

Even tho my kids don't have any threatening health issues it's nice to be able to put their pertinent info on here. Birth dates, blood type, etc. If I'm rendered unable to tell people I want them to know. Very thankful for this product!

Oddthomas2113 - Feb 27,2018

This is great!

I loved this product. As a mother with children who has specific medical issues, this is perfect for me. If I were to ever get in a wreck or something bad happen this handy sign let's medical personnel know exactly what's wrong with my children and how to treat them.