WhispEars™ Child Hearing Safety


Protect baby’s hearing with WhispEars™ from KidCo®. According to the Children’s Hearing Institute noises louder than 80 decibles can cause hearing damage to children. From restaurant noise to jet airplanes, WhispEars™ will quiet your child’s world and reduce the danger of hearing loss. Easily adjust for a comfortable fit. WhispEars™ are available in Blue, Pink and Orange.

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      Protects children’s hearing from loud noises
      Adjustable for a comfortable fit

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Frglmom - May 15,2017

Very comfortable

Really loved this product. Comfortable fit. My toddler actually keeps them on and doesn't get fussy when they're on. Very effective, tried them on my own ears. Adjusts to different sizes... even my newborn can wear them. Wish they made them another size up. I think my 2.5 yr old will probably outgrow them in a couple years. He has a larger head. Otherwise really great product.

Nikinicole13 - May 03,2017

Great fit for both kids

Both of my kids have big heads, but this works great for both the 1 yr old & 3 yr old. It's comfortable enough that they leave it on. The fabric over the top is soft & super comfortable, which is a nice change compared to others we have tried. These aren't as tight fitting over the ears as others, so they're more like noise softening than noise cancelling. But my daughter LOVES these because she can actually put them on without any help- so she always chooses this pair to wear now. We've had these a month & she's still obsessed like when we first got them. :) The fact that these work well, my daughter loving them & the 1 yr old leaving them on (as best can be expected) makes me glad we received these. I'll be recommending these to people.

PennyS - Apr 20,2017

Great Product

I received a pair of the WhispEars in blue for my grandson who is one year old. The WhispEars were a great fit for him. I experimented by putting on his favorite show, Mickey Mouse Playhouse, he wasn't aware that it was even on. I even tried them on and they were very comfortable and did muffle the sound in the room. My only recommendations to the company: have two sides available. For younger children like my grandson, it would be helpful to have an adjustable strap across the back of the childs head to help keep the ear protection on younger children. Also, age range recommendations on the product would be helpful.

JaclynJ1990 - Apr 03,2017

Great Product

I received a pair of the WhispEars for my two year old daughter. She is very sensitive to loud noises, we couldn't even take her to go see fireworks or fairs becuase the noise was just too much for her. I tried the WhispEars on her and they fit her very well and we're comfortable for her to wear. They also work great, while wearing them the noise does not bother her one bit and she didn't mind wearing them which is an added bonus becuase she usually does not like wearing anything on her head. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with children who are sound sensitive.

Bgrewal - Apr 03,2017


Tried these out last week. My toddlers loved wearing them. They are not noise cancelling but diff reduce sound, loved the comfortable headband and how easily the adjusted. We used them at a wedding and he fell asleep quickly even with the the base pumping!