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12.5" Extension Kit for Pressure Mount Gates (G1000 White, G1001 Black)


The G4110 is a 12.5″ extension that can be used with the Gateway pressure mount gate. Please see the guide below to find out how many extensions you will need based on the width of your opening. There is overlap in the measurements to account for uneven surfaces.

Available In:     White G4110     Black G4111

Gateway Extension Placement Guide
31.5″ – 37″ Included with gate
37″ – 42.5″ 1-G4100
42.5″ – 47.5″ 2-G4100
47.5″ – 49.5″ 1-G4110
49.5″ – 55″ 1-G4110 + 1-G4100
55″ – 62″ 2-G4110
62″ – 68″ 2-G4110 + 1-G4100
68″ – 73.5″ 2-G4110 + 2-G4100

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G4110 12.5″ White UPC Code 786441041108
G4111 12.5″ Black UPC Code 786441041115

Optional Extensions kits (for G1000 White)
Optional Extensions kits (for G1001 Black)

Click “Download” below for copy of G4110/G4111 User Guide:


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