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Door Lever Lock



The KidCo Door Lever Lock is a unique product designed to keep kids of a specific rooms in your home.  The patented design makes it the only lock that allows entry from the other side of doors.  Fits most lever lock styles.

Available in  S357 White or S358 Clear

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How do you remove item?

To remove Secure Stick product, use warm soap water to soften the adhesive. Gently lift item, rocking slightly to loosen. Reapply warm soapy water as you go, until item is released. To avoid damage – Do not pull. (You can also use a hair dryer to soften adhesive) Any residual adhesive can be removed using an adhesive removal product. As with any adhesive or adhesive remover it is best to test in an inconspicuous place before use.

Helpful tip from consumer:

“Just to let you know – if you drip dish detergent into the seam of the lock and then work it through with dental floss (as if you were flossing your teeth) they come off in a minute!” Pat

S357 WHITE UPC Code 786441935704
S358 CLEAR UPC Code 786441935803

·The only lever handle lock that allows entry from other side of door!
·No need to remove door handles
·Installs on right or left-handed handles
·Available in white or clear
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