Childproofing Kit


A simple solution for securing baby’s world. The KidCo® Childproofing Kit contains home safety basics that will help make it easy for parents to get started on the safety path.
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Each kit contains: 4 Soft Corner Protectors, 1 Sliding Cabinet Lock, 2 Flexible Strap Locks, 1 Finger Guard, 4 Swivel Cabinet Locks, 20 Outlet Caps, and 2 Door Knob Covers.

Soft Corner Protectors: offers maximum protection from soft corners (secureSTICK™)
Sliding Cabinet Lock: Easy installation – keeps little one’s out of cabinets
Flexible Strap Locks: Easy installation. Perfect for lazy susans, refrigerators, dishwashers, and more.
Finger Guard: Prevents door from slamming – keeping little fingers safe
Swivel Cabinet Locks: Swivel style drawer and cabinet lock. Can be side mounted and disengaged when not needed
Outlet Caps: Protects little ones from inserting fingers and objects into electrical outlets. Adult pinch grip feature for removal
Door Knob Covers: Prevents little ones from opening doors. Adult pinch grip, snaps tightly around door knob
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