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Auto Close Gateway ®

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As a pressure mount gate, the Auto Close Gateway provides maximum safety for use in doorways and hallways when drilling into woodwork or drywall is not desirable or practical. It utilizes Magnet-Lock Technology to automatically draw the door closed and guarantee it locks each and every time. It also has a Hold Open Feature for those times where the door needs to stay open until it is pushed closed. Optional extensions are available for wider openings to 47 .5″.

Available In:     White G1100     Black G1101

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Auto Close Gateway Quick Overview

Auto Close Gateway Assembly and Installation

Auto Close Gateway Full Overview

G1100 White UPC Code 786441011101
G1101 Black UPC Code 786441011019
No damage to walls or doorways
Hold Open Feature-keeps door open until it is pushed closed
Magnet-Lock Technology automatically closes gate
Installs quickly; no tools needed
Heavy duty steel construction
Includes two extensions
Optional extensions (Model G4100) are available for openings up to 47.5″
Product Dimensions: Gate Width: 29″ – 37″, Gate Height: 29.5″
Product Weight:15lbs
Note: KidCo does not recommend pressure mount gates for top of stairs use, even with hardware mounted wall cups. There is a bar at the bottom of all pressure mount gates that helps keep the gate in place and this bar can be a tripping hazard when placed at the top of stairs.

Extension Placement Guide

Size of Opening Extensions Needed
31.5″ – 37″ Included with gate
37″ – 42.5″ 1-G4100
42.5″ – 47.5″ 2-G4100

Click “Download” below for copy of G1100/G1101 Parts List.
After filling out the form, please return to or call (847) 549-8600 to place an order.

Click “Download” below for copy of G1100/G1101 User Guide:

1 review for Auto Close Gateway ®

  1. Sara Bernstein

    Toddlers will let you very quickly and without warning where your babyproofing is lacking. And to help keep these parents of 2 active toddler boys sane, we needed another baby gate. This gate from KidCo was the answer we’d been looking for, ordered on 7/12 and arrived by 7/16. Installation was even easier. Literally took minutes. Opens with one hand, closes automatically. Next time we need another gate, we’re getting this one again!

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