Home Safety Questions

How much weight does the Anti-Tip furniture strap hold?

A common misconception on these types of straps is that they 'hold weight', when in actuality, what they do is withstand force. This is because it's actually the force of the weight that matters when an item like a chest of drawers, is being pulled to the floor. When installed correctly, the Anti-Tip Furniture Straps can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure. However, these straps are not strong enough to be used as earthquake furniture restraints. For this specific purpose, we highly recommend consulting a specialized dealer of earthquake preparedness products.

My kitchen and bathroom cabinets do not have a wood frame between the drawers and doors. I am finding it difficult to install locks there. What can I do?

This style of cabinets is called European and although not very common in the U.S., does pose a challenge to baby-proofing. KidCo does have lock styles that will mount to this type of surface. The Swivel Cabinet & Drawer Lock (Model S333) can be mounted on its side for this style cabinet; as can the Adhesive Magnet Lock (S335) with the proper attachment obtained through KidCo Customer Care.

How do I remove the adhesive mount safety items? I've pulled on them and they won't come off.

To remove Secure Stick product, use warm soap water to soften the adhesive. Gently lift item, rocking slightly to loosen. Reapply warm soapy water as you go, until item is released. To avoid damage - Do not pull. (You can also use a hair dryer to soften adhesive) Any residual adhesive can be removed using an adhesive removal product. As with any adhesive or adhesive remover it is best to test in an inconspicuous place before use.

Helpful tip from consumer:

"Just to let you know - if you drip dish detergent into the seam of the lock and then work it through with dental floss (as if you were flossing your teeth) they come off in a minute!" Pat