Gate Questions

How do I know what kind of gate to use in my home?

Generally speaking there are two classifications of gates: Pressure Mount and Hardware (or Wall) Mount. Pressure mount gates are generally used in areas where access is restricted to or by children and pets. KidCo pressure mount gates use padded spindles that grip the wall, or other solid surface, to hold it in place. Hardware mount gates are used in locations where safety is paramount; such as at that the top of stairs. Hardware mount gates are permanently affixed to the wall, or other solid surface, for a more secure installation. To find out which KidCo gate is best for your home situation, use our exclusively designed Gate Finder.

Some KidCo gates look very similar to other less expensive gates. What’s the difference?

Looks can be deceiving and yes, there a quite a few white and black metal gates on the market these days. But what makes KidCo gates different from the rest, is the stringent performance tests that they are subjected to. For more information on testing methods, click here.

I really don't want to drill into my wall, so can I use a pressure mount gate at the top of my stairs?

By current standards, KidCo pressure mount gates can be used at the top of stairs. However, we DO NOT recommend that any pressure mount gate be used in this situation, even with the use of wall cups. The reason is that with pressure mount, walk-through (meaning the gate has a door) models, there is a U-shaped frame that holds the gate in place. With this U-shaped frame, there is a bar at the bottom of the gate and this bar could possibly cause a person to trip and someone tripping at the top of a staircase is a real potential danger. That is why KidCo does not recommend using pressure mount gates, even our own, for the top of stairs.

Why is plastic hardware used on metal wall mount gates?

Many people think that because it's a metal gate that the mounting hardware should be metal as well. After all metal is stronger, right? Well, not necessarily so. Our hardware parts really aren't 'plastic'. They are a fiberglass reinforced resin, very much like the fiber known as KevlarTM (used in protective-bullet proof- vests). This resin is actually stronger than metal, especially if there are any welds in the metal version. There is also general opinion that 'plastic' is cheaper than metal, therefore, we are using this method strictly to save costs. This too, is untrue. This specially formulated resin is actually more costly than a metal counterpart, as the pieces have to be molded (hot resin is poured into pre-made molds to form the hardened end result). Whereas with metal, there are no mold costs involved. KidCo takes many measures, beyond the obvious, to ensure that you are buying the highest quality gate for your money.

I've lost the instructions for my gate. How can I get another set?

You can obtain additional user guides for any gate by contacting our Customer Care department or by clicking here and downloading the appropriate guide from our website.

A piece of the gate hardware broke. How do I get a replacement part?

You can order replacement parts by either contacting our Customer Care department or by clicking here and downloading the appropriate form and mailing or faxing it to KidCo, Inc. Attn: Customer Care Department 1013 Technology Way, Libertyville, IL 60048.

Both sides of the bottom of my staircase have spindles. Can I use the Y-Spindle on both sides of my gate?

Very simple….yes!

Can I use my gate outside?

KidCo manufactures most of its gates in one of two materials; wood or steel. We don't recommend outdoor use for any of our gates; however, the steel gates can be coated with a rust proofing agent, such as Rust-Oleum, and used outside. Wood gates can be coated with an outdoor primer and then painted to help protect it from the elements.