PeaPod is a line of children’s travel beds perfect for short trips or long visits. The PeaPod (for children 1-3 years) and PeaPod Plus (for children 1-5 years) automatically pop open and set up for use instantly. After use, they simply fold up and are stored in their own carry bag, once again ready for use….

Bed Rails

An important part of growing up is making the transition from a crib to a ‘big kid bed’. With the help of KidCo’s unique bed rails, this major milestone in your toddler’s life is a lot more safe…

Natural Feeding

Parents and caregivers all over are realizing the benefits of homemade baby food; its healthier for their babies as they know exactly what’s in it, and its actually quite cost effective because they use the same ingredients they eat themselves. BabySteps products just help to make that entire process easier…

Home Safety

Each room in the house can pose different but equally hazardous situations to your ever curious toddler.  Furniture, appliances, cabinets, electrical outlets, sharp corners and edges, windows; they can all be ‘babyproofed’ to keep your little one safe and KidCo has a product for each situation…

Go Pods

Does all of your baby’s gear make your house feel crowded?  Are you looking for a fun place for your baby to hang out with you, but one that’s also safe?  The Go Pod is THE answer to both these questions and more.  An ultra-lightweight, portable activity center, the Go Pod is perfect at home OR on the go as it folds up instantly when not in use….


Not sure what safety gate is right for your home and your toddler?  KidCo can help!  We offer a complete line of Pressure Mount, Hardware Mount and Custom Fit gates to fit virtually every situation.