Secure Stick
SecureStick™ is KidCo’s family of specialty adhesive mount products. These high quality adhesive based products offer easy installation with no tools required. Moms and caregivers love products that are easy to install and work flawlessly, with quality that lasts; something they have always received from KidCo. Some of them have even told us their own reasons for wanting adhesive based products: ease of installation, little time required, no tools needed; simply don’t want to drill: new home, newly remodeled kitchen, rent, military house; when drilling is NOT an option-glass, metal, brick.
Secure Stick

Sliding Closet Door Lock S339

  • Part of the SecureStick line of adhesive mount home safety products
  • Protects little fingers from getting pinched by sliding doors
  • Secures glass, mirrored, laminate or wood sliding doors
  • Offers on/off feature
  • Multi-Pack: 2 locks

Q: I removed a SecureStick product and still have some tape left on my surface. How can I get it off?
A: The best way is to not put any type of chemical on it, this way you don’t risk ruining the finish on your furniture. Simply use a finger and rub off the remaining tape.