Angle Mount Wood Safeway ® G2300

  • Hardware enables installation on mounting points that are not straight across from each other
  • Directional stop prevents gate from swinging out over stairs
  • Quick release hardware

Furniture grade hardwood constructionNon-toxic finishBasic gate width: 28.5″ – 43″Gate Height: 31” (when gate is mounted)Installed Height: 33.5″ (height needed to install hardware)Color: OakOptional Extensions: None

Q: I have one/two balusters at the top of my stairs. I want to install a gate but do not want to drill into my wood. How can I install a gate?A: By using one of our gate installation kits (K100 or K12-specifically designed for balusters) you will not need to drill into your baluster. The kits are attached to your baluster by one of a few different methods, so that the gate is installed to the kit parts rather than the baluster.

Angle Mount Wood Safeway FeaturesAngle Mount Wood Safeway Assembly and Installation