Gateway ® G1001

  • Perfect for heavily traveled doorways and room openings
  • One-of-a-kind handle design integrates Pressure-Plus Technology which forces additional outward pressure on the door opening to maximize gate stability after each use
  • Easy, one hand operation
  • No damage to walls or doorways
  • Installs quickly; No tools needed

Q: Why is my gate wider at the top when I take it out of the box?A: The gate is visibly wider at the top so during installation when the top spindles are being adjusted, the gate pushes inward, applying extra pressure and offering more stability.Q: I don’t want to drill into my walls or staircase, so why cant’ I use a pressure mount gate at the top of my stairs? A: Some manufacturers do state that their pressure mount gates can be used at the top of stairs when wall mount cups are installed. However, KidCo does not recommend this use at all since pressure mount gates have a cross-bar at the bottom to hold the gate in place and this cross-bar can be a tripping hazard.

Heavy duty steel constructionNon-toxic powder coat paintBasic gate width: 29”-37” (includes two extensions)Gate Height: 29.5”Installed Height: 29.5″Color: WhiteOptional Extensions: G4100 and G4110 for openings up to 6’Extension Placement Guide

Size of Opening Extensions Needed
31.5″ – 37″ Included with gate
37″ – 42.5″ 1-G4100
42.5″ – 47.5″ 2-G4100
47.5″ – 49.5″ 1-G4110
49.5″ – 55″ 1-G4110 + 1-G4100
55″ – 62″ 2-G4110
62″ – 68″ 2-G4110 + 1-G4100
68″ – 73.5″ 2-G4110 + 2-G4100

Gateway FeaturesGateway Assembly and Installation